Winter Picture Books

I love to have seasonal picture books to pull out throughout the year. Having books that go along with the current season makes us take notice of what’s happening around us. Especially in the wintertime, we love to curl up on the couch and read. Below are some of our favorites!

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The Year At Maple Hill Farm

This is a special favorite that you can read all throughout the year! My kids love the details and animals included in the rhythm of the farm year.

Snowflake Bentley

We love this story and the resilience of William Bentley. An inspiring read, and the following book is a great go-along to show his actual photographs!

Snowflakes in Photographs

Pages and pages that show the actual photographs that William Bentley took! These gorgeous captured images show to us the creativity and beauty of God. The end of the book also has other photographs of frost, icicles, and even frost covered spider webs! It is all captivating and beautiful.

The Snow Globe Family

This sweet story tells about a family that lives in a snowglobe and their longing for a snowstorm! The illustrations and story line are delightful, and this is a favorite to pull out every year!

The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten

When a red mitten gets lost in the snow, the little girl follows the delightful possibilities of where it might have ended up. The ending is so perfect, and Steven Kellogg’s illustrations are an overwhelming favorite in our house!

The Snowy Day

This is the ultimate CLASSIC snow day book! Our copy has been read so many times the binding is coming off entirely. Peter’s day in the snow is the quintessential children’s snow tale! Amazon Prime also has a sweet video version that captures the magic of the day as well.

Katy and the Big Snow

This is always a favorite! Katy, the hero snow plow, has a lot of work to do! Her perseverance is endearing and inspiring!

Stranger in the Woods

This is such a fun and unusual story. When a snowman shows up in the woods, various woodland creatures discover it and explore! Our kids think this one is so neat!

A Farmer Boy Birthday

All of the “My First Little House” books are beloved in our household. This one includes a surprise present and sledding! Perfect to read on a winter day, a birthday, or any day 🙂

Sleep Tight Farm

This book shows kids the seasonality of farm life and the required work to get all the fields and animals ready for wintertime. The author note at the end is especially sweet!

The Snowstorm Surprise

Richard Scarry books are always a hit around here! This snow day adventure ends with a fun surprise at the end, if you couldn’t guess from the title!

We have a whole basketful of wintertime books, but these are the ones we love the best!

What are your winter time favorites? What would you add to this list?

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