School Memory Boxes

I love having easy systems to make memory keeping SIMPLE. Setting up these School Memory Boxes was a game changer!

This is the time of year when all the final papers, artwork portfolios, awards and certificates are being sent home. At our house, this is where they live!

My youngest just finished Pre-K this year, so it was time to make her box and get her set up for the next 13 years of school ahead!

Here are the supplies I used:

These clear file bins are perfect! I love the size and the stackable lids. For the best price, use these in a 4 pack, but if you just need one, Office Depot has them here.

Hanging file folders in fun colors, courtesy of Amazon. For more color options, these look fun!

Free download for name labels

Optional Supplies: (I already had all these items on hand from other projects, so feel free to customize however you like!)

These file labels (Or just write your own by hand)

This free template for designing the file labels

Gorilla Tape for name label (“Heavy Duty” version holds up the best)

Laminator (Optional, but I’ve used the previous version for over a decade and it is a workhorse!)

Paper cutter (Totally optional, but it’s something we use all the time for crafts, school projects, and homeschool days. I’ve had a bunch of subpar paper cutters through the years and this one beats them all.)

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This is super quick to put together. The file labels are customizable and easy to print. Then, I just add them to the file tabs and arrange them sequentially.

I chose to laminate the name label on the front. For my other kids, I printed the labels on sticker paper and they did NOT hold up well in our attic storage (not climate controlled in the Texas heat!). They were bubbly and not very tidy looking. I don’t recommend sticker paper for this reason! Thankfully, they were easy to peel off and replace with a laminated version! Also, the Gorilla tape is what I use for all my attic bins! It holds up to the crazy Texas temperatures and keeps everything solidly where it should be.

If you don’t have a laminator or want to simplify this project, just print it out and put it on the INSIDE of the bin and it will peek through! The lamination is not a necessary step at all, I just like the appearance and durability of it.

I love how these turned out!

We have been having fun rereading old papers and sorting through favorites! Once these get filled up for this year, I’ll put the bins back in the attic until next year! Such an easy system to keep track of the special mementos and schoolwork from the year!

Let me know if you try it – or want to make your own!

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