I have been asked a few times about some of my favorite blogs, books, and other resources.  I will try to keep this list updated as I discover more along the way.  Here are some of my long-time favorites:

Allison Burr (@burr_family on Insta, truthbeautygoodness.net) She is an excellent resource for intentional motherhood, theology, and posts very intentionally about their family culture and how they do life.  I love following her! I took her parenting ecourse last fall called “Building Foundations” and really got a lot out of it.
Jess Connell – she has a podcast (Mom On Purpose) and blog (jessconell.com), which I love.  She recently stopped posting and is taking an extended break, but I really enjoy her content and her views on many issues. She is a mom of many and has also lived overseas.
Risen Motherhood – I love their podcast, and each of them has a blog as well that is great! While they don’t often delve into the practical tips, they have a wonderfully refreshing gospel focus that helps re-envision my heart for mothering. It’s a great, conversational podcast that we frequently listen to in the car.
Mystie Winkler – I recently discovered her and she has a GREAT podcast as well called “The Simplified Organization Audio Blog.”  Most of the podcasts are only a few minutes long, but they are packed with great content.  She has some fantastic posts on her blog as well about home management. In the short time I have been reading her content, I have been very equipped and helped!
-I don’t feel like I can make this list without including Sally Clarkson. I joke that I want her to adopt me.  I adore her books and have gone to her conferences for several years.  I’m also in a “MomHeart” group (Sally started these, and we have one in Waco) where we read through motherhood books together and ask each other questions.  It’s such a unique group – many different churches, ages, and stages of mothering, but we all learn from each other.  This has been a HUGE encouragement for me over the past couple years.
Lara Casey is another favorite.  Book/blog/powersheets are all great!
Others off the top of my head for kitchen tips/recipes/meal planning: Humorous homemaking and Trina Holden (both have blogs and Insta accounts)
Raising Godly Tomatoes (funny name but love the book and discipline method, although we don’t follow it precisely)
Growing Kid’s God’s Way
What the Bible Has to say about Child Training, J. Richard Fugate
Desperate, Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
Mission of Motherhood, Sally Clarkson
Teaching from Rest (not just for homeschooling moms – this is from the creator of Read Aloud Revival, Sarah Mackenzie)
Large Family Logistics, which has been revamped and renamed Home Management Plain and Simple. She uses a system where each day of the week has a specific set of tasks (Office day, Cleaning day, Kitchen day, etc) and has a lot of tips for efficiency.
A Mother’s Rule of Life, Holly Pierlot. This book really helped me analyze my schedule and create blocks of time for things that matter most to our family.